If you wish to begin learning the guitar / improve technique / build repertoire / further theoretical knowledge and/or enhance general musicianship - I am confident that my tutoring and your practice will help achieve whatever goal you wish to reach...

...Here is just a little taster of what I have to offer :)

~The Intro lesson for beginners of all ages ~

Each new student will receive a free introductory lesson. Within this 30 minute lesson, I will ask you what music/bands you like - This will establish a foundation from which we can build on in terms of 'repertoire'. The basics of how to read 'Guitar Tablature' will then be shown. You will then be given a simple warm up exercise or two, to help get both hands working together as soon as possible. Then, within the final 5 minutes or so, you will be given a simple classic riff. This can then be practiced and cranked up on your amplifier to 11! - so that you can annoy all the neighbours with it! :)

*...If you are happy with the lesson and you wish to continue, we can then arrange a fixed time for future lessons.*

~Beyond the intro lesson (Beginners)~

Building a solid foundation is crucial when learning any instrument - That is why I have devised a scheme of practice that will help set that foundation. We would start by learning some basic 'open chords' and don't forget, there are 100's of songs that you can play with just three chords! So I promise, as long as you put the practice in, you'll be playing a classic tune in no time!

Amongst learning the open chords and some simple chord based songs - we will also have a go at some simple 'One octave' scales, which then we can relate to classic Riffs from the likes of 'Smoke on the water' by Deep Purple to 'Enter sandman' by Metallica!

As time progresses, we will keep building repertoire / technique / theory knowledge / aural awareness etc or whatever it is you wish to enhance. Little by little, and with persistant practice, you should see a great improvement in your playing, musicality and general musicianship...

...*Within a day or two of each lesson, I will send a detailed email to the student / students parents containing a full summary of that weeks lesson and tips on practice for the following lesson - This will help you keep track on what it is you need to practice*

~Intermediate/Advanced players~

Every now and again, as a practicing musician, it is easy to lose direction on your instrument. There have been many times that I have hit a 'brick wall', in terms of my own practice and it is easy to do so without the right guidance.

My aim, for Players that have already built a solid foundation but are struggling with how to further their learning, is to put them on the right path of practice.

As with the 'Intro lesson for beginners', I will ask you what bands/styles of music you like. We will then see what stage you're playing is up to - We will run through what chords / scales / songs / theory etc you may know, so from there we can establish an idea of what needs to be improved. We may even 'Jam' over a chord sequence or two, to see what your improvisational skills are like. I will then hand out an exercise and/or an excerpt from a song that will keep you busy for the following week. - But don't worry, this isn't a test! - It is purely to see what we need to concentrate on within the lessons.

Soon enough, we will be on the right path to follow and as time moves on, you will arrive at a stage in your playing where you'll be able to continue on your own, with a clear view ahead. :)

*To help solidify your routine of practice, I can strongly recommend the RGT electric/acoustic/rock guitar syllabus - For more information on this syllabus, you can either check the next page out and/or visit the RGT's official website via my 'links' page.*