~Why choose the RGT electric/acoustic/rock guitar syllabus?~

* They provide a solid structure for practice.

* They give the student focus and a goal to aim for.

* They can be adapted to many styles of music including; Rock, Country, Reggae, Folk, Jazz, Heavy Metal etc

* Each of them is an accredited syllabus - They help gain you status on your college and university applications. (They also help you gain UCAS points that are essential for entry into university!)

* Playing an instrument in front of someone, especially a stranger, can be daunting - So, by sitting a guitar grade examination, it can help boost self-esteem and confidence.

* Don't worry! - The exams are relaxed and informal - The examiners aren't there to fail you - They just want you to do the best you can do, and if you practice, there should be no problems :)

* For those of you who want to learn from the grade books but don't want to sit an exam - No worries! You can simply enjoy what the syllabus has to offer without any obligation to enter for the grade.

(*For more information on the 'RGT' guitar grades, take a look at their website! You can visit it via my 'links' page :) *)