"We've been having guitar lessons with Andy for over 13 weeks now...we have been taught tunes such as, 'Smoke on the water', 'The Simpsons', 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' (with chords), 'Beat it' etc... We really enjoy our guitar lessons! and we look forward to Andy coming round each week!" - Shevaz & Darri-anne 

"I really enjoy my lessons with Andy. He is an excellent teacher. You learn something new every week - from new riffs, chords, songs etc. I recommend Andy to anyone who is interested in playing the guitar!"  - Sophie

"I have been having lessons from Andy for over 3 years now, after years of inconsistant attempts to teach myself...Andy's method of teaching is relaxed and well structured and I feel I am making significant progress in both my playing and musical knowledge...I am so pleased with my progress, that i have also asked Andy to teach my 9 year old daughter...Andy is very patient and helps with constructive critisism and he also a sound fella!" - Brendan

"Andy is a brilliant teacher!.. I have lots of fun with him and he always teaches me really fun things!... He has taught me how to play songs such as 'Chasing Cars', 'The Simpsons', 'James Bond' and even some 'One direction' tunes! And each time I practice well, Andy gives me a cool sticker!" - Ella

 "Andy's lessons are great fun! ... Progress is achieved by playing your favourite riffs and songs - We also have a go at some Improvisation and of course, various scales and chords - Andy makes sense of it all step by step and with his progressive approach, it really starts to gel!" - Jack & Mark